On 13th August 2016, we held the maiden edition of the Teens Career Conference to contemplate on, and take action towards a better future for ourselves and ultimately for our great nation, Nigeria. As we prepare for the 2017 edition, we wish to recall some Nuggets of Wisdom as given by our Speakers last year:

Never toy with your Future

  • Dream Big
  • Improve your knowledge as you go the extra mile – Extra focus; extra care; extra patience
  • Build yourself, build your goals

Investing For Tomorrow

  • Look inwards – how many of the things you are doing now can fit into what you desire to be and do 10 years from now?
  • In your pursuit of money, do not lose the essence of success
  • Identify what you are good at, then settle down and work hard at it

The Path to Success

  • It’s good to be optimistic, but it is better to be realistic
  • An Entrepreneur is simply someone who is thinking of problems as opportunities for business
  • Move from thought to action – even if you don’t have everything, just start something

Your Life, Your Future, Not a Laughing Matter

  • To put food on your table, you need a job
  • You need to be the person responsible for some other person’s success
  • Do yourself the favour of discovering yourself – you must constantly do a critical self-assessment

The Conclusion of the Matter

  • Your choice today must, in the end, be the one that will give you joy. Therefore, Choose wisely at all times!

To the extent that great plans and intentions will lead nowhere without equal and commensurate action, we are very curious to know what participants of last year have done differently to better their lives Would anyone be willing to share such experience with us?

Meanwhile, the Conclusion of the Matter, as indicated by Pastor Eva Azodoh last year, is found in the Choices that you make, so beloved, choose wisely.

Therefore, as you prepare for another academic year, determine to go the extra mile to improve on your performance. And in all your endeavours, strive to make a positive mark even as we pray an abundance of God’s favour, grace, strength and wisdom upon you, in Jesus mighty Name.


Jesus Lamb

Olusegun Adeniyi
Chinwe I-Ugochukwu
Mike Leramo
Peace Ike
Sophia Odoko
Jude Goddey Omoragbe
Ijeoma A-Ezeliorah
Chisom Azodoh
Folashade Jacobs
Mercy Ibe Ogbonna
Olayinka Fagbemiro

Elizabeth Ekpenyong
Yinka Lanre-Medupin
Ronke Okezie
Ozioma Ironkwe
Oluwatosin Adeniyi
Tosin Amoda
Anthonia Enajekpo
Chima Nzeamalu
Esther Ehiobu
Funke Ola
Gloria Adegbulu
Julie Z. Jackson Ainomhe
Ngozi Nduka
Olaide Oluwatosin
Uche Eneh